Know the bad food for you

The words “fast food” have become so synonymous with unhealthy lifestyles, bad choices, and poor taste that sometimes we feel guilty even thinking about eating it. But the fact is that sometimes you just have to, because you lack either the willpower, other options, or simply just the time to do any better. However, on the days when you find yourself walking the inevitable path towards the nearest palace of speed food, don’t despair. As you’ll see, hidden in the menu among all those willpower targeting calorie missiles are a few options that won’t leave your self-esteem, or your arteries, covered in grease.

When most people think about healthy options in fast food restaurants, they often default to salads. But that would be a mistake, because while the salad might be lacking guilt inducing ingredients, the dressing isn’t—and you know you want the dressing. Also salads aren’t very filling, meaning not long after you finish that last leafy bite, you’ll be craving something else. So next time you mysteriously find yourself in Chick-fil-A, try the Grilled Chicken Sandwich. It has only 320 calories, 5 grams of fat, and a pretty satisfying 30 grams of protein to make you feel full. The sodium is a little high at 800 mg, but it’s still one of the lowest on the menu, and only just over a third of your recommended daily limit, which leaves you room to maneuver for the rest of the day. Just make sure don’t maneuver back into the Chick-fil-A for dinner.